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Hi everyone!

Welcome to my new and first blog in my life. (^-^)v

Hope you all can enjoy it~

First of all, i want to introduce my self. My name is Dehan Wulandy Soefriady, yeaah most of people said my name sounds like a boy when they first met me (-_-!), but its ok. Actually, my name is a cute combination from my dad and mom’s name. So its a kind of honor to have it, not much people name their childrens like me, right? haha. I was born in Jeddah, Arab Saudi in 19 April 1992. I live in Merpati VII Street No.20 Pesanggrahan South Jakarta. I study English Literature in Binus University, and i’m a freshmen. My hobby is Listen to music, edit photo’s, browsing, and design anything i like. I graduated from 90 public senior high school, and i major at science. Maybe thats all i can tell, but you also can find me on Facebook just search for Dehan Soefriady and there i’be to make friends with you someday.

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