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My parents, my siblings, grandparents, uncle/aunt, cousins, niece, nephew they are all my family, my big big family. And i love them so much. I’m happy with my family now, eventhough not all of them are still alive but i still feel they’re somewhere here if our family gather.  will my family be my best support later on for my success? Yes of course. Especially my main family; my parents, and siblings. I believe they will support me and do anything to keep me in a good way and support me. I love them and they always know the best for me. Thanks God you gave them as my family 🙂

My Family The Soefriadys

My Family The Soefriadys

I have four siblings here in Soefriady family. 3 man and 1 woman, they are Ronald (the tartans one), Ivan(beside me exactly holding my nephew), Hendy(Left, sitting), Lena(a woman who sits beside my mother, wearing brown dress). You can guess my nephews and niece, right? and my        brother&sister in laws.


A definition of friendship from my version is an in-depth relationship feeling between two or more people about each other that based on trust, communication, understanding, loyalty, and support just like a family. Best friends are peoples who know us better than anyone else besides family. It’s so hard to find best friends than just friends. You can’t just take someone to be your best friends. They are like pencil and eraser, like soulmates. Friendships are complememtary, share joy sorrow together and its not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. Not all of our friends can do that, everyone is different, but only one person can understand the difference. I really hope my friendship with my best friend will never ends swallowed by time, i hope that we can still share with each other even distance make it hard (because she is far away in Yogyakarta for studying Geologi). All i can give for my best is everything what a friendship must have for. I will always still support her, and pray the best for her 🙂 i miss her so much, i miss hanging out with her. come home immediately dev!

Me & my best curut devy :)

Me & my best curut devy :

This is the last craziest webcam photo we made before she got to Yogyakarta. Actually there are many more weird photos of us that made me laugh alot, but this is the best LOL

Thanks dev for having this friendship 🙂

*i cant stop crying when i wrote this post about her :,)


What can i do for the people in my neighborhood is respect them so they will treat me the same way, make friends, and help each other. I think Neighborhood is the second important role in my life, because after family we grow up and build our self reflection and behavior from the neighborhood.

Analysis SWOT

My Strength :

  • Flexible stance
  • My laugh can make my friends happy
  • I’m a good listener
  • Easygoing and Outgoing
  • Friendly & Sociable
  • I’m a person who always thinks positively

My Weakness :

  • Notthorough
  • I lack of self confidence
  • I rarely exercise
  • Sometimes i keep my problem alone
  • I’m slow at doing something

My Opportunity :

  • Increase the connection for the future job
  • Increase my knowledge about world
  • Success and creative person
  • To be a diplomat

My Threats :

  • Economi
  • Get a scholarship abroad
  • Competition with people around the world who have more ability than me to get a good job
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